conjured from wood




Made in Poland

By choosing PILCH toys you can be assured that you get products manufactured in a Polish plant, designed by the outstanding specialists, made of wood provided by the forest inspectorates, acquired in a sustainable way and with all appropriate seals of approval.


(Polski) Unikalność


But there is far more beyond that. Here at PILCH we pay the utmost attention to the aesthetics and quality of the workmanship. Everything we make is one of a kind. We do not copy ideas for educational toys. All our toys are a result of original designs and a fruit of endless discussions and exchange of hundreds of e-mails between creative designers and experts in the field of pedagogy and psychology.


Polityka jakości





We produce toys which are appreciated by specialists. High quality of our products is reflected in the number of awards:

  • Main prize for the educational aid “Budowa Cieni” at 2007 Education Fair in Kielce,
  • Dream Class Certificate for the set of cubes “Kostki Naciskowo- Pamięciowe” at 2008 Education Fair in Kielce,
  • Second prize for “Mistrz Logiki” in the category of “Toys in Production” in the 5th edition of the Kid-Friendly Toy competition,
  • Gold medal for “Góralek” at 2010 International Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child KIDS TIME,
  • Dream Class Certificate for the blocks “Terrarium” at 2010 Education Fair in Kielce,
  • Gold medal for “Magiczna Skrzynka”at 2011 International Fair of Toys and Products for Mother and Child KIDS TIME,
  • Award in the category of “A Play (3-7 year old kids)” in the 10th edition of the Kid-Friendly World competition in 2012,
  • Best Toy of the Year certificate in 2014 for “Dmuchajka”.

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