conjured from wood




We educate with the support of psychologists and teachers

We create products which help your children acquire new skills, express their emotions and develop their vocabulary. Our toys will teach your child how to work in a team and communicate with peers. They will open up the world to your child, fulfil the needs and strengthen eagerness of your child to explore the world (e.g. they stimulate curiosity), yet simultaneously they will not limit the child’s spontaneity. On the one hand our toys encourage children to play cheerfully, on the other hand they are designed in such a way as not to provide too many stimuli (the risk of overstimulation).

This aim is achieved through our cooperation with universities, associations and teachers. Among others, our company’s friend is professor Marta Bogdanowicz, a child clinical psychologist, the founder of Polish Dyslexia Association and the author of many academic publications. Moreover, we always listen attentively to parents’ and our clients’ comments. In order to have an opportunity for such discussions and exchange of experience we participate in trade fairs and conferences on a regular basis.


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