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Our mission


Brand you can trust

From the very beginning, the aim of our activity was the creation of a brand that would be valued for making its products with passion and heart. We made sure our toys were valuable, durable, creative and helpful in child development. Careful selection of toys and educational materials for kids has a direct influence on how they get the knowledge about the world we live in, it also supports manual and emotional development and stimulates creativity. At the toys design stage each of these elements is analysed in great detail by our employees.

We cooperate with parents and the experienced team of teachers and psychologists.

Together we are trying to find an answer to the question in what way the form of play affects the development of children’s vocabulary, emotions or their mathematical skills.

We also strive to provide solutions that will bring adults and kids together. That is why we create toys and games which enable parents and their kids to spend more time together: learning, developing and having a lot of fun at the same time.


Our employees


We know what a great value to each company are the committed and loyal employees. They are the driving force behind all action. Therefore, as a company we appreciate personal value of our employees, because for us an employee is first of all a human being. We strive to make our employees appreciated and personally satisfied with their work by seeing its usefulness.


Our priorities:


  • education
  • ecology
  • safety
  • quality

We are convinced that due to these four priorities your child will get the best product, a proud parent will owe us a debt of gratitude and a happy kid will reward us with a smile.


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